From the Publisher July/August 2014

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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Cover page of ClubWest first edition, July/August 2014.
Cover page of ClubWest first edition, July/August 2014.

These little comments stick in my brain.

There is a reason they hang around for centuries. Not only do they ring true, but they inspire.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Niagara West’s first glossy lifestyle magazine, just for us, local residents who are members of the very exclusive ClubWEST.

ClubWEST is not a notion or a dream. It is a very real feeling a great many of us who live here feel every day. We know how lucky we are to reside in this area. In our other incarnation, NewsNow, we work a great deal with all the businesses, organizations and groups which make the area hum.

ClubWEST will present us with an opportunity to tell one and all the real stories behind some of the interesting facades of the our community – indeed, their passions, pastimes, pursuits. You think you know someone? Well, we will tell you things not only that you didn’t know, but that you would never have surmised about people who may live right next door.

Many, many area residents know Mary Rashleigh, the long-time curator of Grimsby Public Art Gallery. However, did you know one of her greatest adventures was riding an elephant in Thailand?

Did you know Canada’s greatest golfer – and newest ClubWEST member via the grand opening of his new winery – Mike Weir showcased uniquely Canadian dishes and VQA wines when he hosted the legendary Champions Dinner at Augusta National the spring after he won his green jacket in 2003? You can read about that right here!

We’re not worried about being big and bad. That is not our style. We are ALL about taking care of our readers, first and foremost. If we put out a great publication, whether that be a magazine or a real community newspaper, the rest will take care of itself.

And this has proven true as we look at the second anniversary of our community newspaper in the rearview mirror and we look ahead to doing new and innovative things for our “club members” in Niagara West both in print and online.

We are actually putting out just over 15,000 magazines with ClubWEST, but we rounded down a bit. If you don’t happen to get one, we will have some overrun at the office and in select locations around the area. Readers can call the office to find a spot close to where they live to pick one up. We will also be online at:

One can read the full e-edition at that site as well as other website-only offerings. So grab a coffee, or a cold beverage, sit back and enjoy!

Publisher, ClubWEST Magazine
Mike Williscraft