From the Publisher November/December 2015


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Heritage, community cornerstones and people who go above and beyond to make the world around them a better place…what do those things have in common?

West Niagara.

When we developed the “concept” of what ClubWest Magazine would be – a portrayal of people who made and make this area one of the best places to live anywhere in the world – the subjects of this edition’s features are exactly what we had in mind.

One could spend a lifetime looking for a better community partner than the folks at Stanpac in Smithville. It is not hard to understand why employees love to work there and community groups speak in such glowing terms about the support they have received from the company over the years.

The cornerstone of their philosophy, keep the company in the family and avoid the inevitable dissolution which comes with corporate ownership. They invest in their people and their community, and their staff and town in which they live is better off for it.

They fall under the “It is great to see good things happen to good people” category.

From the private sector to public sector…I laughed out loud when Angela Maccaroni related the story about driving right by Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School when she came to scout it out after accepting a job there. The maze of portables, back in the day, did not look like much of school. From humble beginnings, a thriving music program has evolved at BT with more than 100 students involved, almost 10 cent of the school’s population.

You talk about passion…this lady personifies a passion for music and teaching. Board officials, co-workers, parents and students all recognize that – hence her nomination for the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Results of the nomination are expected in January.

On the heritage front, there are a host of people – from Town officials to property owners – who have spent years and a lot of money working to preserve Grimsby’s heritage. Those efforts are pastimes, passions and pursuits all rolled into one.

Each of these story subjects exemplifies what we strive to represent with ClubWest and the flavour with which we develop our feature material – classy, local and accessible.

The people involved are the ones making our community a great place to live and are more than deserving of a little ink here and there and of our appreciation.

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine
Mike Williscraft