From the Publisher May/June 2016


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Anyone working in a journalistic capacity has favourites when it comes to topics covered.

When the May edition for ClubWest started coming together back in mid-March a perfect trifecta unfolded for me – horses, history and food – three of my faves.

How cool is it to not only get a gig in your chosen field, but then you get the honour of being a participant in one of Canada’s true iconic events: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Musical Ride. Lucky Lindsay Williamson!

I have not seen the Ride since I was a small child when they made a stop in London, Ont.

Working with the horses at my childhood summer camp, Forest Cliff – just south of Grand Bend, a nine iron from Kettle Point to be specific – and getting into harness racing at 13, I have always been a lover of the equine set.

And when May rolled around, I knew a visit to Vik’s Meats to meet up with Joe Herbinger was in order. From the first time I met him, at a rain-soaked fundraiser last summer, I had been waiting for barbecue season to roll back around. May long weekend coming up, sausages on the grill, mmm, I can taste them already!

The timing of the Friends of Lincoln’s History inaugural house tour was undeniable, too. There are just so many unique and amazing historical stories to tell in Lincoln, I must say this is about time this kind of event was developed. It’s a natural.

Grimsby has had great success running a similarly styled event alternate years. I am sure Lincoln’s will follow suit.

You talk about people who love their work? A local woman who studied criminology obtains a gig with the RCMP and gets to participate with the Musical Ride; a young man from Germany who goes into his trade right out of high school, moves to Canada for a year and stays for 35, and; a group of dedicated history buffs in Lincoln who seek to tell the stories of yesteryear through a living history – all great examples.

These were the exact kinds of stories we set out to tell when this publication was launched just under two years ago.

In that time we have become the only six-time-per-year publication that comes out when we say it will. Readers and advertisers know, like clockwork, the first Monday of alternate months all year, ClubWest will hit the streets. We appreciate every bit of dedicated support we have received and look forward to telling more of these kinds of stories in our July edition. Enjoy!

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine
Mike Williscraft