From the Publisher November/December 2016


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

If you happen to see any of Maggie Weatherdon’s videos online
it is very easy to see this young lady has something special.

Having played virtually every sport under the sun at one
time, I have been lucky to play with some really good athletes.

The good ones, the real standouts, have a manner, a way they
move, that is simply better, cleaner, quicker and more powerful
than the others.

Maggie has that.

To a complete and total layman such as myself, it is still clear
she floats as she moves. Her lines are crisp and unwavering. It
really is remarkable to watch.

She has big goals, and why not!? She has talent and drive so
why shouldn’t she push the envelope to see just how far she gets.

And top of all that, she is a very sweet girl so I am sure I speak
for the whole community, Maggie, when I say, “Go for it!”

Don’t look back. Keep on going until you reach your dreams.
See the Benjamin Franklin quote above? You can be the person
who will “do something worth writing”.

At the other end of the career scale, we have the good Rev.

Barry Jones who retires this month.

Rev. Jones is another person I met early on, back in the mid-
90s, in this community. He shows up at tons of events, always
part of the community as a whole.

He practices what he preaches, literally.

The metaphor used by Rev. Jones – and picked up by one of
my favourite writers Joanne McDonald – noting that crushing
grapes is what needs to be done in town to bring people together
for the common good, exemplifies his decades of effort.
His parishioners noted they will miss him greatly and,
indeed, the whole town will because people like Rev. Jones just
do their thing in the background. They don’t seek limelight.

They just help out and get things done.

We could use 1,000 more just like him.

Thanks for your years of service to your church and the community,
Rev. Jones.

To put a wrap on this issue, I just have to give some props to
Chef Jan Stulp. Regular readers of ClubWest will know Chef
Jan has been writing here for a long time. Behind the scenes,
what readers don’t see is the thought and attention to detail
this man fusses over (in a good way) to bring the community
interesting choices, using local ingredients wherever possible.

His effort is certainly appreciated by me and I sure hope
readers make use of his creations!

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine
Mike Williscraft