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Busy is good.
This proved to be a very busy edition of ClubWest Magazine and that is not a complaint in the slightest.
Can one be too busy? It is much better than the alternative.
Someone who also knows a lot about busy is our cover boy, Anthony Joosse.
Full time worker with special needs adults and youth, award-winning bodybuilder, husband and Dad to three busy children: he’s busy.
Anyone who has been involved in any athletics pursuits knows it takes a ton of time and effort. To keep at the highest levels, multiply that level of focus X10…at least.
Most people can think about themselves on just about any Monday morning, when everyone, unless they really love their job, would think, “Ugh! I really don’t want to get out of bed.”
If you were considering dragging yourself off to the gym to put in a couple of hours of workout pain, the internal resistance to mail one in must also be ever-present.
To compete, and especially to win, competitors just don’t have that option. In bodybuilding, anything short of max effort shows on the stage.
Reps, weight, diet all come together when a winning formula is created and Anthony has achieved that, still with goals ahead and a willingness to get there.
Good on him and his family for helping him get there.
Now, it does not take the same level of physical exertion, but Brent Bochek is working his way up the ranks of the fishing world’s ladder, too.
He is a great ambassador for this area when making appearances at boat, travel and fishing shows all over the countryside.
Chef Jan-Willem Stulp of Grand Oak Culinary in Vineland, and ClubWest’s long-time Chef In Residence, has similarly elevated our area and our readers through his various exploits.
Entrepreneurs out there in reader land will know running one’s own business presents a near-constant state of challenges. To push through those, run a successful and growing enterprise, and present unique and localized recipes for our readers is no mean feat.
As an entrepreneur myself, I guess that is why I have so much respect for people I come into contact with who make it evident they are getting things done.
The old adage, if you need something done, give it to a busy person, comes to mind. Old adages stick around because they ring true time and time again. That one sure does.
So with this theme of “busy” I offer you, good reader, our March/April edition of ClubWest along with a challenge to make yourself more busy in your community. You will be glad you did.
Mike Williscraft,
Publisher, ClubWest Magazine