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Aside from a southern fishing expedition and a look at some awesome dishes one can prepare in their own home, this edition of ClubWest exhibits two resources Niagara West residents are blessed to have in abundance: great youth and nature.
We’ve written many times about the Lincoln Leapers over the years. They continue to develop great athletes and good people. Even a group which has done many impressive things over the years can still pull a surprising rabbit out of the hat.
The group’s exploits in China, case in point.
What an experience!
Forget the competition, I am constantly amazed at some of the opportunities today’s youth have and this venture is certainly one of them. For a kid like me – from a town of 3,000 and never on a plane until he was 25, it’s amazing to me kids get to hop on a plane and head off to the other side of the globe to compete on a world scale.
Not only that, but they deliver.
Year in, year out this group is a great representative for Lincoln and our entire area, as they draw members from the surrounding areas as well.
The other aspect of the area highlighted in this edition’s pages is the Niagara Escarpment. Clearly obvious to all on a day to day basis, the escarpment is taken for granted by many.
In this day and age of all things environmental, the last thing that should be glazed over is the escarpment.
Our featured group of intrepid hikers not forgotten about it, but decided to take it head on as a terrific challenge. While being able to say you hiked from one end of the escarpment to the other is a significant claim to fame, so too is being able to experience the entire geography of the area.
Rock formations, waterfalls, forest…it’s all there, which comprises another part of the reason the escarpment is amazing. In much of the world, while geography varies, there are few places that can cover all the bases. Southern Ontario, and the escarpment in particular, highlights just about every geographic feature including the Blue Mountains which can make for some hair-raising hiking.
To enjoy the escarpment, one does not have to take on a major task such as hiking it end to end.
Popping up to Beamer’s Conservation Area and taking a 20 walk through the forest to the lookout points is nice break in any day. There is also a nice little access point on Mountainview Road in Beamsville, just north of Locust Lane.
For the more hearty, one can trudge directly up hill to Beamer’s from an access in downtown Grimsby off of Gibson Street. Give it a try!

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine,
Mike Williscraft