Wine Country Rocks

By K.D. Dawn

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There are so many reasons why Niagara wine country rocks my world. The vast beauty of our Niagara region never ceases to amaze me. I headed out to the west side of our lovely wine country to see what I could find and was thrilled to find some fabulous people, support our local economy and drink some
beautiful wines. This served as an escapade within the everyday life I lead. There were no phones ringing, office windows to stare out blankly or even a deadline to get too. Just me, in my car, sunroof open singing at the top of my lungs and my stomach rumbling in anticipation of the wine and food adventure that awaited me.

The first stop was Harvest Estate Wines, nestled inside a fabulous little place called the Harvest Barn on Fourth Avenue. I popped inside to see what was in store. The signs on the wall read “Come and try our new Rhubarb Wine”, and that is exactly what I did. I walked into the winery boutique and was greeted by the sweetest smile. Nancie is a one-of-a-kind wine aficionado with sass. A woman full of energy and a passion for wine, she was able to help me decide on my tasting selection.

From fruit wine to ice wine and even a Green Tea Gewürztraminer, these succulent sips were a hit. The price point was phenomenal and I think I might have bought one of the last bottles of their amazing Blueberry Wine too. Once a month Nancie hosts a customer appreciation day and pairs her wines with some fresh bakery items from the Harvest Barn, baked right on premises. This is a great place to stop in for a chat, a sip, or just savour the fruits of our region.

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