From the publisher January/february 2019


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

There are people with hobbies and then there is John Sedgwick.

John is the embodiment of what we love to showcase with ClubWest Magazine. Our goal, from the outset, has been to tell the stories of those whose passions, pursuits and past times dominate their lives.

After 60 years of honing his marquetry skills, one could surmise John has a passion for his craft.

And he is awesome at it!

Countless people invest all kinds of time, money and effort in the things which interest them – and as well they should.

Life’s distractions are what keep things interesting.

Not everyone obtains a level of expert or even good at some of the things they do, and it does not matter one bit.

Take a beer league hockey…some may be better than others, but so what. It does not change either’s love for the sport or the joy extracted from a night of skating and camaraderie before and after the game.

It is quite likely there are others who have the same sort of passion for marquetry – defined as: a technique where various wood veneers are precisely cut to create a design. Yes, I had to look it up to be sure I understood.

However, John has developed his skills to a master craftsman level. That goes far beyond the level of an occasional workshop jockey. And good on him!

Even our contributors fit that passion mold. Our travel writer, Lorraine Simpson, and our Chef in Residence, Jan-Willem Stulp, are two perfect examples of people who have a passion for something and opted to make a career out of it.

As well, Joanne McDonald, much like myself, wasn’t just bitten by the writing bug. We were consumed by it.

All of us love what we do. Speaking for myself, I cannot imagine doing anything else.

In the writing game, it is difficult to attain a true standing as a master of anything. You are only as good as your last story.

Lorraine has travelled the world filling a suitcase with an immense and intimate knowledge of some of the best places to see, stay and enjoy. Jan-Willem? Just read his articles and you can see how personal creating tasty dishes is for him.

Much of what he does and how he does it ties to his upbringing and experience for European flair but with LOCAL ingredient influences.

People love this little magazine because of the unique stories we tell of people who are putting a great deal into life, told by people who love what they are doing.

It shows.

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine
Mike Williscraft

From the Publisher November/December 2018


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Like many Canadians, I have looked at the cancellation of the Avro Arrow program as one of the great mysteries in our nation’s still-young history.

I have read a lot about the company, the jet – the first and only supersonic interceptor built in Canada, developed to offset the threat of Soviet bombers which could attack North America by flying over the Arctic – and Diefenbaker’s decision.

The purely economic side makes sense. The government had no suitors. The U.S. would never buy Canadian, and why would they if the got all the theory and research for free (see the story) AND got all the benefits of the brain drain when the project and Avro died?

There is one outstanding query which overshadows any possible theory as to the Dief ’s motivation: Why the voracity?

Why would anyone who has spent millions upon millions – when $1 million was a mythological amount – not only kill a program but dissolve every bit of research, knowledge and understanding of that project?

Sure, cancel it to save money if you choose, but why would the actual five competed jets not simply be mothballed, plans and drawings archived, test results filed for future use if needed?

So you don’t want to spend good money after what was deemed bad….but how do you justify wasting every dime spent on the project by wiping the results of Canadian ingenuity from the face of the earth?

Simply, one can’t.

In a more philosophical look, take a look at the news around the world today. It seems pretty bleak and the horizon is not great. However, one thing Canadians have always had to prop us up has been our standing on the world stage. Canada, for many decades, has been kind of like a Switzerland with some clout.

The clout comes from being part of the G7. The standing comes from the ability of Canadian officials to be looked upon as though they are referees for the world, an arbitor at times.

So think about this: Dief steps on the gas, antes up a ton of money and puts the Arrow into full production for the Canadian Air Force. That would have made Canada a military power.

There would have been demand to send planes and soldiers into the world’s skirmishes.

Gone would be our “peacekeeper to the world” standing and we would have been much more aligned with the U.S.’s military might rep. That possibility is the only reason, even though I have never heard it mentioned, that could make sense for killing the Avro Arrow other than financial.

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine
Mike Williscraft

From the Publisher September/October 2018


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes, when stars align, things can come together and it all just feels right.

As I was touring the still-under-construction location for the new Niagara Christian Gleaners facility in Smithville that certainly was the feeling I got – warm and fuzzy to be sure.

What a fantastic program!

Congratulations to all involved on the whole endeavour and to the Twp. of West Lincoln for fostering the idea of locating in the community. With the tasks they have at hand, as they do their best to feed the world’s hungry, it certainly makes sense for them to be located in the heart of Ontario’s agriculture centre.

The grand opening for the Springcreek Road plant is set for Saturday, Sept. 29. They still have a great deal of work to do to be ready for that, but all is running on schedule. Best of luck to all involved.

From one organization which is trying to do something good, we turn to an individual (and her husband) who has been working away for decades caring for area (and beyond) wildlife – Carol Ricciuto.

Many will recognize her name. I have done stories with Carol going back into the 90s.

A tireless crusader for all things breathing, she has developed a come-and-go-as-you-please type of operation for the birds she repairs. They stay in a flight cage until they can get off the ground and after that they go into a pen allowing them to venture out and return if they choose. That encourages longer flight allowing them to build stamina before they take off for good.

There are many people doing truly unique things and Carol certainly is one who fits that bill. Our community needs these folks who end up making Niagara West greater than the sum of its parts.

Those who live here in our little “club” in West Niagara know it is a great place. We have it all right here and if it is not right under our collective noses, we certainly have access to it close by.

Lake Ontario is yet another example of that. In this week’s edition, good reader, you can check out some of the ins and outs if you want to get out on that lake and try a fishing charter.

A unique service right in town and you may never have thought about it. And that is why we are here – to find these gems, polish them up and deliver them to your door.

Publisher, ClubWest Magazine
Mike Williscraft