From the Publisher September/October 2015


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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

One thing about food: everyone needs it.

Whether you are a bonafide meat maniac or a hardcore vegan, not a person on earth does not have a favourite dish, a favourite way of preparing something, and that meal which almost certainly reminds them of childhood, comfort and warmth.

It is harvest time here in Niagara and it is a great time of year for anyone who invests their time and energy into making their own food. Some do it from scratch, others may use an accessory here or there to save a little time. For those folks, and for those who rarely see the kitchen, with what the residents of this area have at their collective doorsteps we thought we could offer some ideas to give it a try.

Chef Jan-Willem Stulp has taken some extra time to create some recipes for a unique, not-overly-complicated Thanksgiving-style meal, but bits and pieces of it can be simplified to be just a very nice dinner for company, a family gathering or a romantic dinner for two. He always puts a great deal of thought and effort into what he presents in the pages of ClubWest and you will see that attention to detail is evident in our Fall edition to be sure.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, and getting your base cooking materials at the grocery store is not enough for you – you want your food to be even fresher – you may want to take the advice of Brent Bochek, who offers some fishing tips and locales to catch your own dinner. Brent is an avid fisherman whose passion for the hobby is clear.

His knowledge of the local fishing scene is also second to none. He too offers an idea on how to prepare what you catch…his version of stream-to-table as opposed to the popular gate-to-table theme.

Speaking about passion….what more can be said about Steve and Lori Popp at Memphis Fire Barbecue Co. Their combined passion for treating people right and putting out great from scratch food has been a recipe for success. They provide some secrets and tips for smoking meats at home.

Without a doubt, this time of year is our opportunity to appreciate all we have right here in Niagara West. Fruit and produce to be sure, but also locally raised chicken, meat and fish. Whether you cure meats or can tomatoes, you can use local freshness to prepare foods for those nasty, cold winter days.

With this edition also spanning Thanksgiving, one can reflect on the whole year. It is easy to see something in every season why there are great reasons to give thanks we live where we do.

Publisher, ClubWEST Magazine
Mike Williscraft