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You’re not in Kansas anymore… this barbecue is from Winona


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By Mike Williscraft

In business, just as in life, sometimes the best deal you make is the one which does not come to fruition.

Such was the case for Lori and Steve Popp, owners of the highly successful Memphis Fire Barbecue Company in Winona.

It was in 2008 when the duo had decided, after years in different capacities in the restaurant industry, to try their hand at operating a food truck/catering business.

“We had a BBQ catering trailer build set up with a U.S. company that fell through. We searched for a Canadian company to do the same thing but the closest we could come on price was three times the original cost. We just could not afford that,” said Steve.

“We had been driving by this spot for 18 months so we thought, ‘why not give this place a try?’.”

Their theory, recalls Lori, “We would rather open the door for one person, rather than wait for a phone call to serve 100.”

While that circumstance led them to their Hwy. 8 location just west of Lewis Road, their venture into the world of southern barbecue started about a decade earlier.

The first turn of fate came while Steve was working at Mon Bijou, a fine dining restaurant in Burlington.

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Cooking with Frank Romano

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Frank Romano
Executive Chef

What is it about creating beautiful dishes that appeals to you?

Creating a beautiful dish is our form of art, it stimulates the mind, if something looks good on the plate, we will obsess over it, we will naturally want it. We are social beings and social media has evolved immensely, we love taking pictures, showing people what we are about to eat. Chefs take pride in their creations, nothing pleases us more than someone enjoying our foods.We are fortunate to receive instant gratification unlike painters who often remain unappreciated until after their death. By that token though we are also criticized heavily, art is a form of expression, we love food and we want to make it look beautiful.

What is the most satisfying part of being a chef?

Knowing that people around you are happy, not only the guests, but the cooks that work with you, the owners, the managers, the servers, being part of a great team; a lot of work goes into running an operation. Without the proper people and an amazing team, without sous chefs, cooks, dishwashers, servers, managers, hosts, bartenders, head office and great owners, establishments don’t survive. Having this day in and day out is gratifying.

Who in the field do you admire?

My crew, I try to thank them everyday. To be honest, I don’t say it enough. I always tell our guests that I have the best crew that I have ever worked with, be it front of the house, back of the house, and all the people behind the scenes who sometimes don’t get credit. It takes a large group of people to make Inn on the Twenty what it is today, we have a long-standing history and I am blessed to part of it, now and moving forward.

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